4WD New Zealand isn't about romping through the mud and having big tires. Its all about adventure travel throughout New Zealand and sharing it with our our fellow kiwis. It started as a trip to the South Island just the two of us with the basic gear for 4WDing and has turned into amazing overlanding expeditions. We found while on our South Island trip that there was a need for information on where and how to overland in New Zealand. So we aren't just about the adventure but also about the education. We want to inspire others to get out there and explore because it is epic but we also want you to be prepared. 4WD New Zealand brings you vehicle build and product reviews. We always give our honest feedback and we don't use anything we don't love. We are also about community and we want to hear from you. 

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  •  New Zealand first 4wd adventure travel series 

  • Overland expeditions from Weekend family trips to major expeditions

  • Web based series 

  • Educate and inspire viewers 

  • Vehicle builds 

  • Product reviews 

  • Tech talk 

  • Building the 4wd community 

Lars & Joanna

Lars- Adventure has always been a driving force in my life. 

I grew up on a sailing yacht that my parents had built themselves to explore the world. My upbringing lead me to pursue a career as a Seafarer, serving on various ships ranging from small scientific expeditions, filming several TV shows and films to Oil and gas and Cruise ships.


My passion for film making  started at a young age whilst filming friends on motor bikes and exploring Northland, NZ. 


4WDing became a passion later on, however I remember being warned that "once the bug bites. It bights hard" Which couldn't be more accurate. Since 2015 Joanna and I have been lucky enough to explore some of the most spectacular corners of New Zealand. Together with our newest family member Asher we will continue to explore and share your travels along the road less travelled.    


Joanna- I was born in New Zealand but raised in America, yeah baby. Just kidding. But seriously, it gave me a good perspective on different cultures and sparked my sense of adventure. I've been 4WDing, camping, and hiking since the age of 10 but no where as epic as New Zealand. I've lived abroad, studied languages and run my own business. But now I am a Clinical Nutritionist, yoga teacher, mum, photographer and videographer and of course still an adventurer.